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We’d like to share our About Us with you!

In English language, the word “doctor” holds a double meaning; it either means a qualified person capable of curing illness, or refers to the highest academic degree that one pursues. Our company accordingly owes its name to these definitions; we manage to cure all industrial malfunctions by sharing our 15 years of experience in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the Caribbean. We’ve consulted and launched distinct concepts for more than 30 international restaurants, and witnessed our clients’ succeeding not only throughout the MENA region but elsewhere in the world.
Because we wanted to provide a 360-degree-service and absolute solutions to our clients, we’ve founded strong partnerships with top-notch contracting, equipment supplier, marketing, and technology companies.

Our vision

We work efficiently with our clients to promote the best quality in the F&B industry in Lebanon, the MENA region, and Africa. We guarantee the best services through our consulting skills and solid experience in touristic services.

Our strategies

We envision Doctor Food Worldwide as an upcoming most reliable reference in the F&B industry. Until then, we promise to stay by your side from A to Z to reach prestigious success.


  • Being ready to face different crisis hitting the touristic companies like restaurants and supplying companies.
  • Providing marketing assistance for Arab businessmen especially the investors in the f&b industry in order to protect their assets.
  • Simplifying the digitization process through the latest touristic programs.
  • Providing assistance for small to medium companies to extend their businesses into the Arab World through our company.
  • Contributing to the improvement of the quality in restaurants.
  • Encouraging partnership between businessmen in the region, and paving the way towards marketing and innovation within the sector of tourism.

Meet The Team

Georges Dib

Diana Sayegh

Charbel Harb

Charbel Sleiman

Logios Dergham

Gaelle Moudawar